Information on any company, anywhere in the world:
Whether to find or vet a supplier / buyer, or gather information on a global market, GloBIS will uncover the facts.

  • Business Credit Reports
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Market Research
  • Enterprise Databases/Lists
  • Import/Export Records
  • Due Diligence
  • Site Visits/Interviews
  • Database Lists of Individuals


GloBIS provides the unbiased facts about any company in China – any size, any industry, any location, any type of company.

GloBIS has partnered with China’s top business information companies in order to provide you with the most accurate, highest quality, up-to-date, unbiased, and competitively priced China business intelligence available.
Doing your homework upfront about a Chinese company can save you millions in the end. We can help you learn if a company truly exists, what its trade practices have been in recent years, what their payment records are, if they infringed on another company’s Intellectual Property, etc. The correct information can mitigate your risk in doing business in China’s vibrant economy by revealing your potential partner’s business history. This will help save you from defaulted payments, illegally copied products, and from making the wrong partner choice. Let us help you succeed in doing business in China.

GloBIS is a proud sponsor of the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center which exists to educate, develop, and advance the China sourcing profession. Visit for a wealth of information regarding QC, production, choosing the right partner, investigating fraud, etc.


China Business Information

We have over 17 million Chinese enterprises and institutes in our database. If it’s registered in China, we have information on it! We can even find information on companies which are not legally registered!

China Business Reports

Business Registration Report (BR) US$60 This several page report includes basic company registration information of address, contact details, industry, shareholders. Each profile’s content is verified with public records and the company itself when you place your order, so it is a fresh as possible.
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Business Credit Report (BCR) US$255 This freshly investigated 8-20 page Report is the Business Registration Report plus extensive credit information on the company, including the last 3 years financials litigation record, trademark and patent registration, etc. Each profile’s content is verified with public records and the company itself when you place your order, so it is as fresh as possible.
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International Company Profile (ICP) US$435 This freshly investigated 15-25 page report is the report we created for our contract with the US Department of Commerce as their source for Chinese company information. It is an expanded version of the Business Credit Report with more references, history, recent developments, etc. on the company. Each report’s content is verified and references are checked when you place your order, so it is as fresh as possible.
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In-Depth Credit Report US$1275 This 20+ page report is an in-depth analysis of the company, its history and evolution, organization, personnel & site description, details on the main executives, operations, credit record, finances, and an analysis of the industry and that company’s ranking in it.
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Additional Reports on Chinese Companies:

We have a wide variety of reports on Chinese companies, including some access to actual official filings, debt/loans reports, etc. Please contact us regarding your specific requirements and we will provide the relevant details.

GloBIS Tips on Recognizing a Chinese Scam

Company Information Database Lists Custom order an up-to-date list of companies in China which match your parameters. The search criteria include Industry, HS code, location, number of employees, annual revenue, etc.
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China Customs Database Lists Custom order an up-to-date (as of up to two months prior) list of companies in China which are importing or exporting, by 8 digit HS code. The data includes HS code, name/address/contact info of companies, date of import/export, volume of goods, value of goods, unit measure of goods, country/countries shipped to/from, and in some cases the foreign company importer/exporter of the goods, etc. This information can provide a wealth of competitive intelligence, for example if you want to know who in China is importing your line of goods so you can target them for sales.

Market Feasibility and Entry Study The parameters of these reports are designed with you so that we can provide you with the most pertinent information for your needs – at the best price possible. Contact us for a free price quote

Information on Chinese Individuals

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